Reasons why agents can promote Taiwan as main tour packages to spur your business growth

Reasons why agents can promote Taiwan as main tour packages to spur your business growth

Taiwan is a small island that offers spectacular mountain scenery, an impressive geographic and ecological diversity and a unique mélange of cultural influences. With its small size and excellent roadways and facilities, Taiwan is easy to discover while remaining relatively unknown to mainstream tourism. If you're looking to visit somewhere that has incredible food, is affordable and easy to travel around, has beaches to lie on and mountains to climb, and the friendliest people you'll ever encounter, go to Taiwan

For agents who think about getting your guests travelled to visit a new country or have an exciting vacation, consider heading over to the Taiwan .

Some might ask “Where is Taiwan?” After all, you don’t want to end up booking a flight to a completely remote location—or maybe you do. Taiwan is an island located in East Asia. It’s situated east of China, south of Japan, and north of the Philippines. Taiwan is a predominantly mountainous island with many cities established by the coastal areas. As such, there are so many things to do in Taiwan for every kind of traveler.

Some reasons that you can suggest your esteemed to visit Taiwan in 2023:


Taiwan is an affordable country to travel. Asides from a select few spots and experiences Taiwan is a great value for travelers. It’s cheaper than nearby Japan, but more expensive than Southeast Asia. Furthermore, Taiwan is a developed nation so some of the inconveniences of developing nations are not found here.

Culinary Oasis

Many people don’t just enjoy traveling to visit new places or try particular activities. A lot of tourists want to indulge in local cuisine and experience new foods. And this is one of the best reasons to visit Taiwan in 2023.

Taiwanese cuisine has so many different influences, from China to Japan and even America. So many different flavors and cooking styles come together to create Taiwanese food. And it’s very easy to enjoy culinary delights throughout Taiwan. Explore the numerous night markets and discover tasty Taiwanese street food or treat yourself to reinvented Taiwanese cuisine at one of Taiwan’s many modern restaurants.


If you want to look for new food at themed restaurants, and in Taipei, you could eat out at a different one every day for month and not run out of places to try. They’re so much fun!

So far, In Taipei only, there are so many themed restaurants for selection such as Hello Kitty Cafe; a restaurant with a ninja theme; an all-pinked Barbie cafe ; and an airplane-themed restaurant. Or visit to the jail-themed restaurant, where they handcuff you to your table!

Whatever your taste in food, Taiwan has something that will captivate your appetite.

Hot springs

Taiwan sits along the famed Ring of Fire and a tectonic joint so it’s full of natural hot springs. No matter where on the island you go, you are bound to be within shouting distance of an amazing natural hot spring. Taiwan is home to one of the globe's only accessible seawater hot springs, the Sunrise Spring on Green Island (a small island off the Southeast coast).

You do not even need to leave Taipei to soak: a quick hike from Taipei's Xin Beitou metro stop, you will find hotels and resorts that offer piped-in sulphur hot springs, said to be the all-around healthiest for the skin. There is also an excellent public hot spring.

Convenient Transportation In Taiwan

Taiwan has a wide range of transportation. With a pretty extensive public transport network, you don’t need to rent a car. It’s also a great idea to pick up a bike to get around the cities as they do have a number of bike paths and sidewalks in the cities. It’s even easy to find a bike as they have a public bike program.In between cities and major towns you can use a mixture of long-distance buses and an extensive train network. Costs are generally pretty affordable.

Welcome to Taiwan in 2023!